Relevant Links

Relevant Links

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The following commented list is by no means exhaustive. Suggestions as to interesting sites are welcome.

Uppsala universitetsbibliotek

The housing site of the Codex Argenteus offers an online version of the so-called “Silver Bible” based on photographs made in the early 20th century. The current reading of its contents, which were written in “scriptio continua”, is available in full text documents. In addition, further material – eg, the silver binding made by order of the Major De la Gardie (including a 3D show), fragments of other codices like the Codex Ambrosius, a paper by Mr. Lars Munkhammar about the wanderings of the Codex Argenteus – is provided with a number of relevant links.

TITUS Project

based at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University in Francfort/Main, provides text materials from languages that are relevant for Indo-European studies. Direct link to the Wulfila Bible, rev. text.

Wulfila Project

Mr. Tom De Heerdt’s Wulfila Project provides, among other things, a searchable database with the entries indicating grammatical details.

David Landau, MA, MSc

Dpt. of Information Technology, Tampere University of Technology, Finland. Database of the Gothic Language with selected books and articles edited by Dr. Christian T. Petersen. Links to related sites on the Internet.

Dr. C.T. Petersen, MA

It is a pity that the Eastern Germanic peoples were not born Egyptians, Greeks or Romans, for everybody would be eager to study their culture and language, and scholars would consequently find their home crowded with sponsors... Thanks to Dr. Petersen’s enthusiasm, stamina, and, last not least, to his devotion to the language once spoken by the so-called Barbarians from the North, the Bibliographia Gotica is now about to be published.

Gotish Dictionary

Gotisches Wörterbuch (2nd. ed.) 1989, o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard Köbler. A comprehensive dictionary with grammatical indications, sources, and etymology. Downloadable PDF files (in alphabetical order).

Reimar’s Gotish page

Reimar’s collection of links related to the ancient East Germanic language referred to as Gothic (in German). The site’s last update dating back to 2003, some links are a bit disappointing.

Dr. Klaus Goldmann

The paper “Verzerrungen in der Quellenlage - Basis der Frühgeschichtsforschung in Deutschland?” by the former curator of the Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte in Berlin is a “must “, not only for historians and archaeologists.


Gerhard Schleu’s site offers new insights in the world of runic inscriptions including detailed pictures of numerous artifacts. Mainly in Danish, with partial English and German translations.

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