The skeireins Project
This site presents the text of the remaining leaves of the
Gothic commentary on the Gospel of Saint John,
along with several translations:

                     Latin             (Ernst K. F. Bernhardt / Hans Ferdinand Maßmann / Julius Löbe)
                 German         (Ernst A. Kock / G. Ernst Dietrich / Christian T. Petersen)
                 French          (Fernand Mossé
[1-2] / Christian T. Petersen [3-8])
                 English          (William H. Bennett / James W. Marchand)
                 Swedish        (Jacob Lundgren / Åke Ohlmarks)
                 Italian           (Raffaella del Pezzo - Costabile)
                 Hellenic        (George W. S. Friedrichsen)
                 Dutch           (Herman G. van der Waals)
                 Icelandic       (Magnús Snædal)
                 Russian         (Pavel Chasov)  

and with a complete bibliography on this topic

Ernst Ebbinghaus (1926-1995) in memoriam
dedicated to James Marchand and Winfred Lehmann

erected and maintained by
Christian T. Petersen

A leaf specimen is this, scanned by David Landau

This site takes W.H.Bennett's readings as a basis, as does TITUS
the ones of A.W.Streitberg is synoptically represented in Project Wulfila






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Henceforward, the metalanguage will be German